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Divorce Diaries- Divorce Dos and Don'ts

It can be hard to know what the right response is to a situation one has never experienced.

Here are some Dos and DON’T’s when encountering divorce topics.

1. When someone mentions they’re divorced…

Do say: I’m sorry you had to go through that, it must have been hard”.

Don’t say: Well, I would have done everything to keep my family together” …Believe me, sometimes divorce is the best way to keep everyone intact.

2. If a divorced person vents about their ex’s behavior…

Do say: “That’s so hard, can I help in any way?”

Don’t say: “Why don’t you just take him to court?” Court is a long, emotional and financially taxing war and can take years to come to an agreement.

3. If your spouse is away…

Do: Complain and vent as regular. Marriage is hard too!

Don’t say: “I’m like a single parent”.

4. Children of divorce are having an emotionally hard time with the same event your child experienced.

Do say: “How can I help”? OR “Yes I can understand”.

Don’t say: “ Well my child is doing ok with the situation”.

Always ask if you can help and as in any situation EMPATHY is your friend.

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